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System security

Security is an integral part of all our services. Our portfolio of security services is designed to continuously improve the effectiveness of your infrastructure and help you achieve a secure digital transformation, protect your systems and your data by focusing on your core business

System Administration

System Administration services provides installation, management, and support for servers running the Linux and Windows operating systems. Services include system and software installation, configuration, management, patching, backups and recovery planning, and troubleshooting and responding to incidents.


Performing consistent, regular backups of critical business data is a vitally important part of any recovery strategy. When treated as an afterthought or merely as a checkbox item on an annual IT audit, the risks of losing critical data are significantly elevated. For these reasons, it is important to establish a disciplined regimen of data protection defined by a set of clear backup policies that can be closely followed and monitored by IT and business stakeholders alike

Project Management

You plan all aspects of Information Systems, developing a functional and application architecture that serves an agile and efficient information system (maximising return and creating business value). You ensure the evolution of the entire information system in accordance with business goals, business processes, risks and external and internal constraints, using the best possible tools (existing technology, architectural concepts).

Hardware maintenance and support services

These are preventive and remedial services that physically repair or optimize hardware, including basic installation, contract maintenance and per-incident repair - both on-site and at a centralized repair depot. Hardware support also includes telephone technical troubleshooting and support for setup and all fee-based hardware warranty upgrades.

Legal Assistance



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